Our Commitment

FCTG offers a network of partners for procurement, warehouse, cross-docking, transport, outbound and disposal logistics services, customized to the needs of our customers to fix their supply chain. Many trucking companies have been expanding the range of services offered to secure their place in global supply chains. An emerging segment within the industry is the value-added services segment which includes door-to-door transportation, customs brokerage, packing, logistics consultation services and other related activities. 
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​It is FCTG policy to promote safe and regular exercises that reduces potential incidents through education, regulation, enforcement and maintaining the standard maintenance of our vehicles and equipment. 

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Management Program

The purpose of this program is to provide maintenance personnel, drivers and affiliates with guidance on how the company conducts a variety of activities performed within the maintenance programs. The focus is on the process and information needed to properly carry out basic maintenance activities

Performance Measurement

A standard to hold drivers and its management team accountable to adhere to the safety and maintenance policy of the company and preforms within the guidelines of DOT regulations.

Electricity Repair Work
Maintenance Plan

FCTG shall have an up to date maintenance plan which outlines the maintenance

philosophy of the organization and assigns responsibility for performing maintenance on all vehicles, real property, and equipment within the company.


It is designed to keep all vehicles, shop equipment, and tools in safe, reliable, and operational condition. It requires management, trainers, drivers, fullers, and mechanics to be trained and accountable for specific roles. Good preventive maintenance results from all staff working together as a team.