The Power of Experience & Accountability

Serving greater Las Vegas, and dedicated freight in the 7 Western States. Full Circle Transportation Group LLC is a full-service carrier providing commercial TL and LTL throughout the 48 sates.

                                                                                                   CUSTOMER DRIVEN AND DRIVER COMMITTED

Strategy & Organization

- Market research and understanding: Knowledge of market segments and an ability to understand client needs ensures delivery of superior customer service.

- Having a high profile in the market: Margins are small and thus large sales volumes are crucial for success.


We will differentiate itself from our competitors with our rigorous safety program and unique retention tool of offering up to 4 weeks paid time off annually for our employees based on time on the road as well as incentives and bonuses for safety and customer service.


- Our goal is to be the prototype of a 21st century transportation company. The business model indicates that the customer segment is 11 billion tons of freight which equates to 650 billion dollars annually.  Our key activities are to transport freight United Sates on a load-by-load basis.

Output is sold under contract - incorporate long-term sales contracts: Due to strong competition in the sector, long-term contracts are advisable. If a client is tied to a distribution system that commits them to the operator's facilities, it makes it difficult and costly for the client to transfer to a competitor.

Sustainable Values

- We are constantly seeking ways to increase the sustainability of our processes, including improvements in innovation, sourcing, energy and fuel, transportation, and product use. We invest in our people and communities with sponsorship and charitable donations that promote educational excellence, safety and emergency response and other needs identified by community members and partners

IT Management
Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP)
Industry Outlook

- We have implemented a IT Management Program System (MPS) which we have partnered with Teletrac.  By networking together our software and support team plays an essential part in the scheduling of maintenance activities and controlling labor and material costs.

- It serves as a tool to make our maintenance process faster and more efficient. Proper use of the software provides management with the ability to evaluate the effects of changes in maintenance procedures and policies, and accompanying reports.

- Regular maintenance is performed at pre-scheduled cycles to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, safety and reliability of assigned equipment. Preventive maintenance is based on miles driven.

During the PM scheduled service, the mechanic will document all defects found and will have all defects listed on the repair order and corrected prior to returning the vehicle to service.

- Our service will be second to none and is why our customers will continue to come back.  Our focus on the following three areas will be what separates us from the competition:

Quality Service—we will provide our customers with courteous, prompt, and dependable service.  The company will have a reputation for timely deliveries and the best drivers in the industry and intends to build upon that.

Competitive rates—we will provide competitive rates for our customers because we have low cost inputs. Package handling—by maintaining dependable and safe equipment, we will ensure that there is no damage to customer's cargo.